Revelation 1.1

The new release of REVELATION 1.1 is coming!

Do you often wonder why some people are happy and other people are not? Do you feel that in all the explanations they gave you about the structure of the universe there is something that doesn’t quite fit? Do you live with no worries about hell, but sometimes regret losing the delights of paradise? Are you uncertain on believing in evolutionist theory or in the tale of creation? If you too have experienced these uncertainties at any time in your life, it might be useful for you to read the book Revelation 1.1. The angel R4ph43l will drive you to a new way to see the world. If we read the old books in the light of knowledge and of the technologies available to us men and women of the 3rd millennium A.D., which were not even imaginable a few years ago, you will realize that many discussions among philosophers, theologians, and scientists no longer have any meaning. The explanations are simple, provided that we look at things in a new way. And this new knowledge will give you a new freedom and a new happiness.


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