Cookies Policy

The website has been setup for NOT using cookies of any type.

EXCEPTION: As this website has been created on WordPress and it also uses some plugins, it uses the technical cookies of WordPress and plugins for managing the login and the access to functions of Administrators and of possible other enabled users. It also uses the cookie “displayCookieConsent” to memorize the choice of the users about the acceptance of cookies.

It is also possible that WordPress or plugins activates cookies for specific technical purposes.

IMPORTANT: In the website there are pages and posts with links to other websites which could potentially use cookies. The responsibility about their compliance with current cookie laws is up to these websites.

SOCIAL BUTTONS : In this website there are some icons named “social buttons” which are useful to share a content with a social nework by just one click. In this case the selected social network receives only the data related to the visit of the user; no other info, even if acquired by this website, will be shared with social networks by the Owner of this website.

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